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Health and Safety Policy

Standard 6: 6:1, 6:2, 6:3, 6:4, 6:5, 6:6, 6:7, 6:8, 6:9, 6:10, 6:11, 6:12,

Standard 7: 7:1, 7:2, 7:3, 7;4, 7:5, 7:6, 7:7, 7:8, 7:9, 7:10,7:11

Outcomes Framework; Be Healthy, Staying Safe & Organisation.

Our designated Health and Safety Officer is ...................

Our designated First Aider is .............................

It is the duty of the employer to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that all persons whether in her employment, students, parents, children and visitors to the nursery are not exposed to risks to their Health and Safety.

All employees should act accordingly and report any Health and Safety concerns or accidents / incidents immediately to the Nursery Team Leader.

Effective Health and Safety management requires a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy, which fulfills the ethos of our nursery and also legal requirements. Little Achievers and Headstart is committed to implementing the necessary Health and Safety procedures.

Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd, Headstart Pre-school Centre Ltd (by guarantee) recognises that:

  • A responsible approach to Health and Safety, based upon risk assessment, can minimise injury and ill health to staff, children, their families and our visitors.
  • There is a connection between quality and Health and Safety
  • Effective Health and Safety management can contribute to nursery performance by preserving and developing human and physical resources, by reducing costs and liabilities, and is a means of expressing responsibility
  • We must constantly review and monitor our policies, procedures and performance to continually improve our standards.

Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd, Headstart Pre-school Centre Ltd (by guarantee) is committed to:

  • Developing a culture that supports the concept of risk management, endeavoring to secure active participation from our team.
  • Adequately planning, implementing and resourcing this policy
  • Developing our staff, through training and implementation of our child care legal requirements.
  • Constantly reviewing and monitoring our policies, procedures and performance.


.......................Nursery Team Leader

........................Operations Manager

......................Health and Safety Officer


Advice and consultancy: Environmental Health Department, Preston City Council, Lancastria House, Lancaster Road, Preston PR1 2RH Tel: 01772 906622

Health and Safety Audit

See policy

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments, to assess the level of risk will be carried out accordingly by the Nursery Team Leader and the Health and Safety Officer. It will be reviewed on a regular basis i.e. 3 monthly maximum. These findings will be recorded and stored in the Risk Assessment Folder.

All activities, which take place within the nursery and during trips and outings will be assessed and planned to minimise associated risks.

It is the responsibility of the Employer to look at each assessment, countersign and action appropriately in accordance with the Risk Assessment Regulations, 3 (1) Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1992.

It is a mandatory requirement that Risk Assessment are carried out for:

  • Fire safety
  • Manual handling (regulation4 (1b) Manual handling Operations Regulations,1992)
  • Hazardous substances ( Regulation 6 (1) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, 1994)


The security of our staff, clients, their families and visitors is of paramount importance to Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd, Headstart Pre-school Centre Ltd(by guarantee).

The premises and outside play areas are secure and regularly maintained.

Access to the building is restricted and all visitors must be asked to sign the visitor's book on entrance and exit to the property.

There is a procedure in place for the Safe Collection of Children.

All staff working within the Nursery are carefully selected, as part of our recruitment procedure, and all have clearance from the Criminal Records Bureau to work with children.

Children are supervised at all times as specified in standard 2: 2:7. Nursery staff take care not to turn their back on the children or to become too involved in specific activities.

Children are not allowed to leave the main play area without a suitable adult.

Child Protection

All Nursery staff will receive training in Child Protection. There are documented procedures to follow in suspected cases of child abuse. See Child Protection Procedure. All nursery staff are made aware of this procedure during their induction training.

Fire Safety

See Evacuation Procedure. Fire drills will be carried out monthly as recommended by the Fire Safety Department. These drills will be documented on the Health and safety audit and also in the Fire Log book.

Records must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Fire Safety Officer and relevant certificates obtained.

Fire doors must comply with safety regulations and must be kept free from obstruction at all times.

Recommendations given by the Fire Safety Department to the registered person will be carried out immediately.

All emergency fire equipment must conform to BS EN standards and be provided as necessary. They must be checked as specified by the manufacturer and documented evidence kept.

Outings and Transport

See the Procedure for Outings and Transport.


There is a Policy specifically related to hygiene in place.

The nursery premises, including outside play areas, must be kept safe and clean at all times.

Cleaning programmes implemented by the Nursery Team leader must be adhered to and documented appropriately.

Children and staff are encouraged to maintain acceptable levels of personal hygiene and there are procedures in place to ensure that these standards are followed.

Protective clothing whilst dealing with any bodily fluids:

  • Whilst changing nappies and attending to toilet needs (the use of red disposable gloves and aprons
  • Dealing with injuries, especially if there is blood present
  • Spillage i.e. Urine, vomit, faeces, blood

All staff, are encouraged to check with local Health Authority guidelines to ensure they are immunised appropriately against infectious disease

See, Uniform Policy and Personal Hygiene


Any proposed Nursery pets, must first be authorised by the Nursery Owner. They must not pose a health risk to staff or children and must be safe to keep.

Outdoor Areas

Outside play areas must be kept safe and clean at all times. Designated nursery staff should carry out daily Health and Safety Audit with any problems noted and reported to the Nursery Team Leader.

All grassed areas and sandpits, in particular, must be checked for contamination e.g. animal urine or faeces, and for dangerous objects e.g glass, sharp stones, tin cans etc..

Water play must be closely supervised and any natural pools made safe or inaccessible to children.

At the end of each session, clearing up must be carried out to ensure the area is left clean, tidy and safe.

Food Handling

See separate Policy for Food Hygiene

Incidents and Accidents

Incidents and accidents must be dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

First Aid should be administered appropriately, as in the First Aid Procedure.

Each Accident or Incident should be recorded in the appropriate book on the appropriate page, ensuring confidentiality is maintained. Accident and Incident books are stored in a designated area in each room. The parent/carer must be informed when the child is collected and a signature obtained as confirmation.

The Team Coach must be informed of any accidents or incidents. The document should be passed to the Nursery Team Leader for a signature before a Parent receives it and then this must be given to the Nursery Team Leader to be filed in the child's personal record.

All accidents are recorded for statistical reasons and risk assessment.

If the staff member who has dealt with a situation is not expected to be on duty, when the child is collected the Team Coach must be informed to ensure the details are passed to the parent/ carer, and a signature obtained.

Accident and Incident forms are checked daily as part of the Health and Safety Audit.


There is a procedure in place, which ensures that any medicines to be administered to a child have been authorised by a parent / carer. That. A member of staff has been trained to administer it if necessary and accurate records are kept of any medication administered. This procedure is strictly adhered to.

See Administration of Medicines Procedure.

First Aid

Our qualified first aiders are .................................



We have a designated member of staff,.................... who is responsible for our First Aid Box, which complies with Health and Safety First aid regulations 1981, The contents are checked weekly and replaced as necessary. This procedure is dully recorded and documented on the weekly Health and Safety audit. The First Aid box is situated in the staff room and a catering first aid box is stored in the kitchen. The first aid box is kept out of reach of children.

A small first aid bag is always taken on trips or outings and a first aid box is also kept on the mini bus, these are also checked weekly and replenished as and when needed.

Written parental permission is obtained for emergency and first aid procedures as part of our registration procedure.

All accidents are recorded in the accident / incident book and parents / carers informed by the senior member of staff on duty.

Sick Children

There is a policy about the exclusion of children who are ill or infectious. This Policy is made clear to parents at the time of registration to the nursery.

See Policy for Sick Children


There is a no Smoking Policy.

Maintenance and storage of equipment and materials

A wide variety of play equipment is available for use by the children and is selected by ensuring approved quality suppliers complying with British Safety standards. Play equipment is regularly checked and maintained. Equipment or materials, which pose a Health or safety risk, are only used under supervision and are stored separately and securely after use.

Gas / Electric

Gas, Electrical and other appliances will all conform to safety requirements. They will all be logged and checked annually, according to PAT testing regulation.

All appliances will be logged in a folder along with documented evidence of annual checks.

A suitably qualified engineer will check all appliances.

Emergency Situations


In the event of a power failure a torch is kept in the office.

Emergency Telephone number ......................

If the NTL is informed the power will be off for a significant period of time they must decide if the parents need to be requested to collect their children.


In the event of water being cut off:

Emergency Telephone number .......................

If the NTL is informed the water will be off for a significant period of time they must decide if the parents need to be requested to collect their children.


In the event of a suspected gas leak:

  • Immediately evacuate the premises.
  • Do not turn lights on or off
  • Do not use naked flames
  • Turn off the gas supply at ........................
  • Open windows and doors
  • Telephone ..................................

Reviewed on behalf of the companyRACL/SA/PRAapril2005